Should I waist train or am I 'waisting' my time? (Get it, waisting)

Waist training has gained a lot of hype in this day and age. Celebrities, models, fitness influencers, etc. can be found using these waist compression garments. With the huge pressure of fitting into a certain standard that social media gives us women, it is not a surprise that waist trainers are so popular! (Disclaimer: I am not bashing them completely, as I do own my own waist trainer.)

I recently did a post on my instagram story and asked my female followers, "How many of you waist train?" Fifty nine percent said they do not waist train, and forty one percent said that they do waist train. I decided to my research on waist trainers all of last week, because there is nothing cute about being misinformed, right?

Spoiler alert: My fifty nine percent of girls that do not waist train... you are not missing out on anything.

But let's start off with what everyone dying to know... Do waist trainers actually work?

Yes. Waist trainers do work... TEMPORARILY. If you are consistent with waist training, you will see results. I do have to strongly advise you, these results will not be permanent. (Sorry, it is the truth!) Once you fall off of your consistency with waist training, your body will return back to normal.

Waist trainers are essentially a quick and easy fix! (Which is exactly what I use mine for!) I normally wear my waist trainer the night before I have a photoshoot because I feel as if it helps with how I appear in my photos. I do not waist train religiously because if I am being honest... the smallest waist I have ever achieved (24 inches) was through a clean diet/ proper training program. Not with the use of a waist trainer!

More importantly... Is waist training even healthy or safe?

Waist training can definitely be unhealthy and unsafe. After doing my own research I found that long term waist training (even worse if the waist trainer is super tight) can affect your internal organs, cause your core muscles to weaken, reduce lung capacity, hinder proper digestion, and more.

I do believe that you can practice proper waist training habits though, if you do decide that you want to waist train. I would recommend a few things because I am always looking out for you guys.

Tips for smarter waist training! (If it is something that you still want to try.)

♡ Do not exercise in your waist trainer. I have made this mistake already. ♡ Please buy a waist trainer that is YOUR size. Do not size down. Your body will not thank you. ♡ Gradually ease yourself into waist training. Do not jump onto the second or third hook when you have only had the waist trainer for one day. ♡ Take breaks from waist training. Do not keep that thing on your body 24/7. ♡ Do not rely solely on a waist trainer for your dream body. Please utilize a proper diet and training program in your routine also. You can thank me later. ♡ If you do happen to see your doctor after you start waist training... get their opinion on what you are doing!!!

Should I just save my money?

I hate to bash waist trainers, especially after I just spent money on a brand new one... but yes, if you do not have one already you will perfectly fine without one. Although I know that waist trainers can give results, I can not tell people to go purchase something that can potentially be very harmful to them. After doing my research, I will definitely be keeping my waist training time to a minimum. I am not saying to throw out your waist trainer if you have one or that you are silly if you purchase one. Please just keep in mind that it CAN BE harmful. If you girls want to waist train, be sure to follow the tips I gave to you. I would also strongly recommend getting your doctor's insight on waist training. As someone that wants to have a positive influence in the fitness world, I have to stand with the fact that your health must come before achieving a certain look. #sorrynotsorry

*If you would like to look more into this topic on your own, please refer to the sources that I used!*

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